You can pay the booking fee with debit or credit card also. Furthermore, you can pay the remaining part of your payment, and the deposit, in our harbors and accomodations via bank card also.


Permanent discount: -5% discount for our return customers

Periodic discount: -10%* early bird discount, and only 30% of the rental fee is to be paid for the reservation!
*(A Minimum 3-day reservation is necessary for our early bird discount for boat rental.)
The 2 discounts may not be combined until 1st of April 2022 in the early bird season, and Apply only to the boat rental fee. 

In case you are not happy with the above discounts, please request our individual offers.

Rental periods

Season ASeason BSeason C
1-30 April1-31 May1 June-31 August
1-31 Oct.1-30 Sept.
Season ASeason BSeason C
Full weekFriday 12:00- Friday 9:00
Short weekMonday 12:00- Friday 9:00
Long weekendFriday 12:00-Sunday 18 pm
 1 weekday8 hours a day
 1 weekend day8 hours a day
Use of engineI hour of operation is gratis,Use of engine over the gratis period: 3500 HUF/hour
TransitlogContains the fees of interior cleaning, exterior washing, water and fuel refill.
ReservationWith paying certain percent of the rental price.

Our E- boats

2 hours50 000  HUF
4 hours80 000  HUF
8 hours95 000  HUF
Transit log15 000 HUF
Deposit150 000 HUF
Full week420 000 HUF C season, 300 000 HUF A – B season
Weekend290 000 HUF C season, 200 000 HUF A – B season
1 weekend day90 000 HUF C season, 65 000 HUF A – B season
 1 weekday70 000 HUF C season, 60 000 HUF A – B season
Transit log15 000 HUF
Deposit150 000 HUF
Half day65 000 HUF weekend, 50 000 HUF weekday (9-13 or 14:30-18:30)
Full week420 000 HUF C season, 300 000 HUF A – B season
1 full weekend290 000 HUF C season, 200 000 HUF A – B season
1 weekend day90 000 HUF C season, 65 000 HUF A – B season
Weekday70 000 HUF C season, 60 000 HUF A – B season
Transit log15 000 HUF
Deposit150 000 HUF
Half day65 000 Ft weekend, 50 000 Ft weekday (9-13 or 14:30-18:30)
Season ASeason BSeason C
Full week500 000 HUF600 000 HUF800 000 HUF
Short week280 000 HUF350 000 HUF450 000 HUF
Long weekend250 000 HUF330 000 HUF440 000 HUF
 1 weekday65 000 HUF75 000 HUF85 000 HUF
 1 weekend day80 000 HUF100 000 HUF115 000 HUF
Transit log28 000 HUF
Skipper40 000 HUF
Deposit350 000 HUF
Season ASeason BSeason C
Full week550 000 HUF650 000 HUF850 000 HUF
Short week310 000 HUF400 000 HUF500 000 HUF
Long weekend300 000 HUF380 000 HUF490 000 HUF
Weekday80 000 HUF100 000 HUF120 000 HUF
Weekend100 000 HUF120 000 HUF170 000 HUF
Transit log28 000 HUF
Skipper40 000 HUF
Deposit350 000 HUF

Our Sailing boats

2 hours195 000 HUF
3 hours250 000 HUF
4 hours295 000 HUF
5  hours325 000 HUF
6 hours360 000 HUF
Whole day399 000 HUF
Departure in Balatonfüred+ 20 000 HUF

Food and drink services

You can order food and drink services with any of our sailboat offers.

If you send us your request, we reply you with a special offer.

Coca-cola, Sprite, Ginger, Tonic, Zero Cola0,5 liter399,-Ft/bottle
Cappy juice0,33 liter399,-Ft/bottle
Natur Aqua mineral water0,5 liter399,-Ft/bottle
Heineken beer0,33 liter499,-Ft/bottle
Ice2,5 kg1.490,-Ft/pac.
Skizo wine (Olaszrizling,
Irsai Olivér, Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Red)
0,75 liter2.990,-Ft/bottle
Other wine (Nyakas, Laposa, Sauska, Jásdi, Figula, Béla és Bandi, etc.)0,75 literFrom 3.690,-Ft/bottle
Szabó and Son white, rosé and red wines (Juhfark, Olaszrizling, Rosé, Ottonel Muskateller)0,75 liter3.690,-Ft/bottle
Champagne (sweet, semi-dry, semi-sweet, dry)0,75 literFrom 3.690,-Ft/bottle
Prosecco specialities from various family winaries0,75 literFrom 4.790,-Ft/bottle
Salted cakes (cheeses-, sour cream-, potatoes-, )25 dkg/capita1.300,-Ft/capita
Sweet cakes (mini chocolate croissant, other sweet cookies)25 dkg/capita1.300,-Ft/capita
Mini sandwiches (with parma ham, tuna fish, chees)piece490,-Ft/piece
Cheese plate (with 4 kind of cheese, grapes, apple and nut)0,5 kg4.990,-Ft/plate
3 course menu served on the boat (soup, main course, dessert)portion3.600,-Ft/capita
Cold degustation plate (sausage, special cold cuts, vegetables, pastry)for 2 people4.900,-Ft/plate
Saisonal fruit plate (white-, red grapes, water-, yellow melone,
williams pear)

General Terms and Conditions