1. Bank transfer is our basic payment method for paying the booking fee in order to finalize your booking. Furtehr more if you want to pay your full renting fee, you can pay the full fee via bank transfer too. In the upper right corner of the booking document (attached pdf. file via our email), you will find all the neccessary information you need to make the bank transfer. Please, do not forget to write your booking number (you can find it on the middle of the booking document, for example: 120/2020) in to the note section of your bank transfer.

We can identify your payment according to your booking number!

  1. Cash payment is available at our office in Balatonfüred and in each of our ports and accomodations.
  2. Credit card payment is available at our office in Balatonfüred, at each of our ports and accomodations. You can also pay for the boat and accommodation deposit by credit card at our ports and in our office.
  3. Remote payment by credit card: if you wish to pay the booking fee by credit card in order to finalize your reservation:
    By calling our number +36 70 28 65 773, you can conveniently and securely pay by credit card at any time with the help of our collegue. You will receive an invoice and the certificate of card payment immediately via email to your email address, which was registered in your booking request.
    – Upon request, we will send you a payment link via email or SMS to conveniently pay with your domestic credit card. Non-EU credit cards can only be paid by phone at our colleague.
  4. MKB, K&H and OTP Szechenyi card.
    We accept all types of Szechenyi Cards, even over the phone, if you would like to use it paying the booking fee in order to finalilze your booking. You can also pay with your Szechenyi card at our office in Balatonfüred, in our ports and accommodations.

If you have any questions about our payment options or booking process, please feel free to contact us at +36 70 28 65 773 or +36 20 349 0419 or at info@hajosprogramok.hu. Our staff will be happy to assist you with in any questions you may have.

Sincerely, Team of HAJOSPROGRAMOK.HU