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Dr. Valéria Olga Giber is driven to the water by her love for sailing – besides, the manager of the is an ensign of scrupulous care for guests.

The successful fleet managing charter company is dynamically developing on the market with growing needs in the Balaton area – in 2016 they were operating just four sailboats but in this season they are offering 11 ships. Moreover, they could widen the offer of their services apart from ship renting.

You can read more about the personal motivation of the fleet manager Dr. Valéria Olga Giber, about the starting of the business and the plans for the season 2017.

Sailing and the passion for the sailboats have been a decisive part of my life for many years. To get closer to the ships, I first became a pilot which was a source of rich experience for me. I got a chance to observe operation of an upper-class charter fleet and I got much closer to the communication with clients and the client-care came especially close to me.

I consciously tried to develop in chartering: I took an active part in chartering at Balaton, I learned conditions of safe operation of ships, I established a closer contact with the clients and was able to identify their needs.

Straight but bumpy road led to establish my own fleet which has been possible only with lot of learning. For this I am grateful to many people. At the moment I am satisfied with our market competitiveness and the quality of the sailboat renting services. Luckily, our clients gave a positive feedback to it last year. This is how we decided to grow further our capacity in 2017.

Our related service packages are set up for those just making their first steps in sailing as well as to those experienced ones searching for complex care when sailboating at Balaton. Consequently organization of exciting boating programmes, on-land accommodation and the services provided to the boaters also contribute to a fuller Balaton experience.