Harbor: Balatonfüred, BAHART harbor

This boat does not require skipper licence

We are going to have a brand new Sunny Boat from 2022!

The electric-powered Sunny boat is great opportunity and fun for  friends or families to be together and enjoy the waves of Lake Balaton. This boat can be derived without skipper licence. The brand new ship is the first piece from the newest generation of electric boats on the Lake Balaton. If you want to relax, sunbathe and bathe with your friends, we offer you the Sunny boat for rent. You can use this boat up to 6-7 hour, thanks for the solar panels on it.

The boat is considered as a water sport tool that is why it can be driven without skipper licence.
The following rules below , the water sport tools can be used on Lake Balaton:

  • In the absence of a storm warning, you can use up to 1500 meters from the shore.
  • In case of the 1st level of storm warning, you can use maximum up to 500 meters from the shore.
  • In case of 2nd level of storm warning, you musn’t leave the harbor with the boat. If you are on the water, and the 2nd level of storm warning starts, you have to go out from the water inmediately to the harbor.
  • Lifejackets must be provided for all passengers on board.
  • It is forbidden to drive the vehicle, while the driver is drunk, used any drugs or any other product, which is modifying his behavour.
  • Bathing from the vehicle only from already anchord status, maximum up to 500 meters from the shore. Swimming and bathing from boat is only for your own responsibility. The swimming knowladge is required, and the engine of the boat must be swich off of before entering in the water.
  • The knowladge of local rules of water traffic and knowlage of Lake Balaton is stricktly requred.
  • Priority shall be given to all craft.
  • The usage of the boat is for your own responsibility only.
Length / Width6,95m / 2,49 m
Number of passengers5 people (max 300 kg)


  • BAHART card: with this card you can use all the other BAHART harbors for free of charge.
2 hours50 000 HUF
4 hours80 000 HUF
8 hours95 000 HUF
Transit log15 000 HUF
Deposit150 000 HUF

Rental periods

Season ASeason BSeason C
1-30 April1-31 May1 June-31 August
1-31 Oct.1-30 Sept.

Rental periods

Season ASeason BSeason C
Full weekFriday 12:00- Friday 9:00
Short weekMonday 12:00- Friday 9:00
Long weekendFriday 12:00-Sunday 18 pm
Weekday8 hours a day
Weekend8 hours a day
Use of engineNo fuel usage
Transit logContains the fees of interior cleaning, exterior washing, water and fuel refill.
Reservation With paying 30% of the rental price.