In the Beneteau luxury yacht family, the Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 type of boat is the crown for the 130-year-old French factory history. This ship is includes the Beneteau yachts for all the usual benefits: it combines stable sailing, an excellent and optimum setting with the best rate of the best ship length and habitable area.

With a new thought of old lines and the choice of premium materials for excellent interior furnishings, it creates a modern luxury yacht.

A season B season C season
Full week355 000 HUF465 000 HUF555 000 HUF
Short week220 000 HUF290 000 HUF355 000 HUF
Long weekend200 000 HUF220 000 HUF330 000 HUF
Weekday65 000 HUF75 000 HUF100 000 HUF
Weekend75 000 HUF105 000 HUF135 000 HUF
Transit log20 000 HUF
Skipper31 750 HUF
Deposit250 000 HUF

Rental periods

A seasonB season C season
Apr. 1-30.May 1-31.June 1-Aug. 31.
Okt. 1-31.Sept. 1-30.

Rental periods

A seasonB season C season
Full weekFriday12:00-Friday9:00
Short weekMonday12:00-Friday9:00
Long weekendFriday12:00-Sunday18:00
Weekday8 hours a day
Weekend8 hours a day
Usage of engineI hour of operation is gratis,Use of engine over the gratis period: 3500 HUF/hour
Transit logContains the fees of interior cleaning, exterior washing, water and fuel refill.
ReservationWith paying certain percent of the rental price.