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Join us for a 1 hour sailing tour on the winter lake for an unbeatable price of 26 490 HUF/ 1 hours. In addition to the fee of the skipper, this amount includes one welcome drink, mulled wine and tea. Every guest is welcome with mulled wine and hot tea prepared on board. We will be out on the waves during the whole winter season. Come and join us for this unbelievably favourable price! 

In addition to hot drinks, we provide you with blankets and hot water bags to keep you warm.

We extended the deadline of our promotion until 15th May 2021.

The extension of the dates applies to all purchased winter sailboat tour vouchers.

Our boats in the promotion:

  • Dávid király (10 people): maximum 1 pilot and 8 passengers.

26 490 HUF/ 1,5 hours
Over 1,5 hours: each started hour: 10 000 HUF